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New Era, New Site

With the relaunch of the show with thanks to our many patrons, it was time to refresh the website. We hope you enjoy the cleaner more modern look, and we've now been able to build in the podcast stream directly into the site.

For those of you interested in the techy side of things, we've moved from Wordpress to Wix. Each platform has its own pros and cons, but Wix is a lot easier to manage and offers a lot more options to easily include cool professional features, which we hope you'll enjoy.

We've built everything ourselves, keeping an eye on the bottom line. Now that we are self-funding thanks to our patrons, we need to watch all expenses very closely.

Now that the site is launched, it's full steam ahead on preparing the show for May, which will be released soon. A gentle reminder that the more patrons who give us their support, the more likely it is will be able to return to two shows a month instead of just one. And there are some really cool benefits. Even a small amount can go a long way. Check out the many benefits and options here.

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