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Kol Cambridge needs your help!

Kol Cambridge started in 2005 as a project of love on student radio. After graduating, I managed to get the show on a couple of other stations briefly, but when I left the UK it became increasingly challenging to do so and the show went on a break.

In 2013 TLV1 launched and asked me to come on board, and I was delighted to restart the show, this time as a paid professional! Kol Cambridge was honoured to be chosen to open up the first ever broadcast of the station, and many of the show’s dedicated listeners were thrilled that we were back on air after a break of several years.

Unfortunately, early this year, the station management reached a decision to focus on core priorities that did not include musical programming. And so, it was with regret that Kol Cambridge is again without a home. I want to emphasise that we feel only gratitude for the team at TLV1. They have been hugely supportive of the show and the decision to focus on the spoken word programming was not taken lightly.

So…what now? I love doing the show, and I know that you, the loyal listeners, love it as well. But I can’t afford to invest my own money into paying for studio time, hiring technicians for the editing, and paying for the hosting/streaming of the show and the music rights.

So – if we want this to continue, and I hope you do, we’ll need your support. Click here to visit our page on Patreon where you can read more about how to do it and what I hope to offer you in return. I hope the benefits that we’re offering to our patrons are appealing, and hope you will be able to help us keep the show on air. Anything you can do to help will be much appreciated!

With thanks and love

DJ Antithesis

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