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Kol Cambridge Patrons

In early 2020 Kol Cambridge had to become self-funding. The costs of running the show add up: hiring a recording studio, editing, music rights, hosting and bandwith, and more. We are so grateful to our patrons who have helped us keep the show going. 

If you enjoy the show, please consider becoming a patron - there are some wonderful benefits and a variety of different levels to suit every budget. The more we raise, the more frequently we can bring you great new Israeli music!


Our Named Patrons:
Ze’ev Wallach and Naomi Leiseroff
Jeffrey Davidson
Aron Silverstone
Ken Cooper
Aaron Stone
Jill Halevi
John Hergele
Jon & Dena
Scott Bakal
Emma Rubin
Levi Rubin
Ellen Krauss
Greg Alperstein
Lisa Zales

We also thank our many anonymous patrons!

In addition to our patrons, we are extremely grateful to ROI whose generous Micro Grant has gone a long way to making the show viable.

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